ECMWF at the AMS Annual Meeting 2021

4 January 2021

ECMWF at AMS 101st Meeting graphic

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ECMWF will be at the American Meteorological Society (AMS) 101st Annual Meeting being held virtually from 10 to 15 January 2021. Our staff are presenting the talks and posters listed below. You can find more information in the conference programme.

Update 20 January 2021: some recordings have been added to the tables below.

Monday, 11 January

Time (Europe/London) Speaker Title Recording
15:45–15:50 Bruce Ingleby Invited presentation: COVID-19 and ECMWF changes to the use of aircraft data  
20:45–20:50 Bruce Ingleby On the quality and use of radiosonde descent data  
21:10–21:15 Linus Magnusson Comparison of medium-range forecast models in the project DIMOSIC video icon

Tuesday, 12 January

Time (Europe/London) Speaker Title Recording
19:00–20:30 Milana Vuckovic Poster: HiDALGO – Facing Global Challenges by enabling complex Earth Science workflows across Clouds and HPC environments  
21:10–21:15 Massimo Bonavita Data assimilation and machine learning science at ECMWF video icon
21:25–21:30 Peter Dueben Machine learning at ECMWF video icon

Wednesday, 13 January

Time (Europe/London) Speaker Title Recording
18:10–18:15 Stephen English Current use and impact of satellite data in NWP and future directions video icon
18:20–18:25 Johannes Flemming Global Air Quality Forecast and Information Systems (GAFIS) – a new WMO-GAW initiative video icon
18:35–18:40 Florence Rabier The ECMWF Strategy 2021–2030 video icon
19:00–20:30 Chiara Cagnazzo Poster: C3S monthly data explorer for coping with the COVID-19 emergency  

Thursday, 14 January

Time (Europe/London) Speaker Title Recording
15:45–15:50 Antje Weisheimer Invited presentation: Multi-decadal variability in long-range ENSO predictions of the 20th century video icon
15:55–16:00 Florian Pappenberger Invited presentation: Recent Developments of the ECMWF Integrated Forecasting System  
16:15–16:20 Claudio Iacopino Aviso: Bridging HPC and Cloud with High-Throughput Notification System for NWP Data Availability video icon
18:00–19:00 Stephen English An overview of the value of EESS spectrum allocations in numerical weather prediction video icon
21:10–21:15 Martin Leutbecher Progress in ensemble forecasting and verification methodologies at ECMWF  

Friday, 15 January

Time (Europe/London) Speaker Title Recording
15:55–16:00 Antonino Bonanni Tracking cyclones with NOAA software and ECMWF high-resolution data – A machine-learning transatlantic collaboration  
18:05–18:10 Michael Rennie An assessment of the impact of Aeolus Doppler wind lidar observations in numerical weather prediction at ECMWF  
18:55–19:00 Stephan Siemen Python framework to work easily with climate and weather data in machine learning  
19:00–20:30 James Hawkes Poster: Polytope: Datacube access for ECMWF’s weather data

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