Computer networks connect users internally and externally with the Centre's computing systems. The infrastructure is logically subdivided into a High Performance Network (HPN) and an Offices Network.

The High Performance Network

The HPN is used for the exchange of large amounts of operational data, most of which is hosted within our own data centres. Arista routers provide connectivity between the High Performance Computing Facility (HPCF), the Data Handling System (DHS), Linux Clusters, acquisition and dissemination systems, and all enterprise IT services.

The Offices Network

The Offices Network connects end-user devices such as workstations, telephones and printers, into the High Performance Network.

Fault tolerance and resilience

In the High Performance Network, all devices connected have redundant links. This provides fault tolerance and resiliency.


ECMWF's Internet connection comprises dual links to JANET, the United Kingdom's Research and Education network. JANET has high speed connections to the rest of the Internet, especially to the GÉANT network, which provides a high speed backbone between most research networks within Europe and the US.

The Internet connection is used for a variety of activities:

  • Dissemination of forecast products to organizations and non-member states
  • Reception of meteorological observations and satellite data
  • Secure access to our compute and data handling facilities
  • Support research and operational activities of ECMWF staff

eduroam is a secure wireless network service that allows staff to use their ECMWF wireless credentials to access the internet when visiting other eduroam participating research, academic and government institutions in over 70 countries around the world, eliminating the need for a wireless guest account. Similarly, any visitor to ECMWF coming from an eduroam participating institution will gain immediate wireless access using their wireless credentials to the internet without any registration or configuration.

ECMWF is a participating organisation in the eduroam federation and offers the following two services:

  • Home users - allows ECMWF staff who are visiting any eduroam member institution to connect to the institution's WiFi network for internet access using their ECMWF wireless credentials. You can read more information about the eduroam service.
  • Visiting users - allows visitors to ECMWF, from eduroam member institutions, to gain internet access over WiFi using their home institution's wireless credentials. It is to be noted that visiting users should contact their home institution's support team for support. This is the standard support model for all eduroam locations.

For additional information on the eduroam service, visit: