ECMWF Reanalysis v5 (ERA5)

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ERA5 is the fifth generation ECMWF atmospheric reanalysis of the global climate covering the period from January 1950 to present. ERA5 is produced by the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) at ECMWF.

ERA5 provides hourly estimates of a large number of atmospheric, land and oceanic climate variables. The data cover the Earth on a 30km grid and resolve the atmosphere using 137 levels from the surface up to a height of 80km. ERA5 includes information about uncertainties for all variables at reduced spatial and temporal resolutions.

ERA5 is available on:

  • Single levels
  • Pressure levels: 1000/975/950/925/900/875/850/825/800/775/750/700/650/600/550/500/450/400/350/300/250/225/200/175/150/125/100/70/50/30/20/10/7/5/3/2/1
  • Potential temperature levels: 265/275/285/300/315/320/330/350/370/395/430/475/530/600/700/850
  • Potential vorticity level: 2000
  • Model levels: 1/to/137

Daily and monthly aggregates of the hourly fields are available as well.

A preliminary ERA5 back extension dataset from 1950 to 1978 is now available.

ERA5 combines vast amounts of historical observations into global estimates using advanced modelling and data assimilation systems.

ERA5 replaces the ERA-Interim reanalysis which stopped being produced on 31 August 2019. You can read about the key characteristics of ERA5 and important changes relative to ERA-Interim.

from January 1950 to present
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