ECMWF | Reading | 13 - 16 November 2017

The workshop will bring together experts in numerical weather prediction and climate modelling to discuss and propose ways forward on the modelling of physical processes in the greyzone of horizontal resolutions ranging from 1km-10km grid-spacing. The workshop aims to shed light on the greyzone topic from different angles to identify novel approaches and development opportunities.

Topics discussed will include the required complexity of cloud microphysics, the interaction of cloud microphysics, convection and boundary layer turbulence, the interaction with and the representation of the surface heterogeneity, including orography and vegetation over land and the sea-surface state over the ocean, and the physics-dynamics interplay with increasing resolution, including difficulties and opportunities arising from emerging HPC architectures.

These will be discussed in the context of the inherent uncertainty of the above modelled processes (or of the underlying HPC hardware) and in view of ECMWF's ten year strategy to develop an O(5km) global ensemble.


The workshop will start on Monday 13 November ~14:00 and finish on Thursday 16 November ~13:00.
The format of the workshop is two days of talks plus one day of working groups and a plenary discussion.

Drinks reception and poster session: Monday 13 November

Workshop dinner: Wednesday 15 November

Detailed programme to follow.


Attendance at the workshop is by invitation only. Please contact us if you are interested in joining the workshop or want to suggest someone to be invited.

Organising committee

Peter Bechtold, Michail Diamantakis, Richard Forbes, Martin Leutbecher, Sarah-Jane Lock, Sylvie Malardel, Irina Sandu, Nils Wedi