Ongoing research project |
2010 - 2016

Climate Modelling User Group (CMUG) an ESA funded project within its Climate Change Initiative (CCI).

The purpose of CMUG is provide support for and independent assessment of the various Essential Climate Variable (ECV) products generated in separate CCI projects. ECMWF is a partner in CMUG together with the Met Office, Météo France, and MPI.

The overall objective of the CCI is to:

Realize the full potential of the long-term global Earth Observation (EO) archives that ESA together with its Member states have established over the last thirty years, as a significant and timely contribution to the Essential Climate Variable (ECV) databases required by the United Nations Framework of Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC)”. 

After the successful completion of the CCI, a follow-on programme (CCI+) has been approved by the ESA Member States. As part of the CCI+, a CMUG proposal is under preparation.  


Rossana Dragani

European Space Agency